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Top 5 Apps to Spy on Text Messages

The web is a hazardous spot. Brimming with perilous individuals, programmers, haters, tricksters, stalkers and debases, the online world is a virtual fallen angel’s play area. It’s a world where we convey alongside us, in our grasp, for spying on text messages. So by what method would you be able to shield the ones you adore from those trying to do hurt?

Furthermore, in what capacity would you be able to protect those you endow with your gadgets against abuse? Introducing wireless checking programming that permits you to keep an eye on instant messages, track online networking movement, access skimming history, perspective call logs and more is a stage in the right headings.

Sure point Spy

It is cheap and easy to use; Sure Point Spy is doubtlessly the #1 versatile spy application accessible for Android and iPhone gadgets today to spy on text messages. It permits clients to view a focused on gadgets program history, spy on test messages, take photographs remotely and a great deal more. From its basic establishment to its usability, SurePoint Spy gives all of you the advantages of versatile checking programming with none of the bother. It’s simply downloading, introduce and screen!

With Sure Point, you’ll have the capacity to:

Spy on text messages and SMS regardless of the fact that the phone’s logs are erased, With Sure Point Spy introduced, you’ll have the capacity to see the substance of each content, the phone numbers connected with them and the time and date of every message.

Auto Forward

Like SurePoint Spy, Auto Forward is economical, easy to introduce, simple to utilize and is bolstered by both Android and Apple for spy on text messages It has a considerable lot of the same components as SurePoint Spy like the capacity to keep an eye on instant messages and view all call logs, photographs and features. It additionally permits you to screen crosswise over distinctive gadgets. It’s a perfect instrument for any manager needing to stay informed concerning representatives who utilization organization gadgets.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile offers a significant number of the same components as SurePoint and Auto Forward and is perfect for getting to a gadget’s control board and to spy on text messages. It’s likewise an extraordinary instrument if you have to track a gadget on GPS, view a call log or keep an eye on instant messages.get it on

Track My Phones

While without various the abode’s elements specified rivals—like the capacity to see a gadget’s program history, spy on instant messages and view all call logs, photographs and features, TrackMyPhones is a decent application for finding your phone in the event that you’ve lost it or had it stolen

Apps to Spy


Much like SurePoint and Auto Forward, XNSpy permits clients to keep an eye on instant messages and see moment delivery person talk discussions. It likewise has a GPS locator like alternate brands and targets families and bosses. The one noteworthy defeat of this capable application is that it accompanies a month to month expense on top of its price tag to spy on text messages.


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