Learn how to become a spy with books from Barnes and Nobles

Get The Real Spy’s Guide to Becoming a Spy by Peter Earnest and Suzanne Harper. Don’t dream about becoming a spy make it happen with this book written by a former operative in the CIA’s Clandestine Service. This book provides answers to your questions. You’ll learn the job of a spy inside and outside. Get curious  and learn about a spy’s  job, training and life. Learn to separate  fiction from reality and find if spying is like a James Bond movie. This book provides many background facts and teaches you how to properly use spy jargon. Discover if you have what it takes to being a spy by taking exercises and quizzessections.Earnest and Harperalso offertheir perspective on the future of spies in the spying world. This book is written in an engaging way using  simple language to help you reader understand the fact and fiction of a spy.

Get Persuasion: An Ex-Spy’s Guide to Master the Art of Mind Control Through Powerful Persuasion Techniques & Conversational Tactics for Ultimate Influence in Any Situation by James Daugherty. Learn ways to persuade people and get the answers you want. This book is written by an intelligent expert and CIA spy that knows the key to mastering persuasion. Daugherty recounts how he managed to turn a conversation on his favor without using manipulation or deception. He uses life examples to explain persuasion techniques, reverse psychology and tactics used on high pressure situations. This book will help you master the psychological tactics behind having influence over individuals. Best of all, it will come in handy in many life  situations.

Get Donovan: America’s Master Spy by Richard Dunlop and William Stephenson. Learn about the life of Bill Donovan, the man behind the secret warfare success in World War II. The author uses letters, diaries and interviews from spies that spied for Donovan to provide background and insights on the man credited for creating the CIA. A very good read that will keep you interested page after page. Overall, a very informative and enlightening  story about the history of the US intelligence operations.

Get Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception by Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, Susan Carnicero and Don Tennant. Learn the process to spot deceptionwithproven to work CIA techniques usedby CIA agents to uncover lies. This books shares  methodology developed by  Houston to unmask a lie while interrogating. Former ex-agents teach readers how to respond verbally and nonverbally to deceptive behavior. Houston, Floyd and Carnicero provide examples of the way questions should be asked to get the truth. This book will surely change the way you approach life and career. A fascinating book with real life stories that will prepare you to become a great spy.

Make being  a spy a reality and learn the background, techniques and real outside life  from good reads available at Barnes and Noble.

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