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Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on the iPhone?

There are ways to spy on text messages of your child’s iPhone activities. However, it can be a little challenging because of all the different ways your child can communicate with others. The iPhone is capable of sending and receiving regular SMS text messages as well as iMessages. SMS text messages are managed by the cellular provider according to the child’s text messaging plan. An iMessage is managed by Apple and can only be sent between Apple devices.

In addition to SMS text messages and iMessages, your child can download a host of other third-party Internet-based messaging apps such as Text Free, Text Plus, Viber, and other instant message and social media apps. These Internet-based messaging apps provide additional avenues for your child to communicate with others.

Using a Professional Monitoring Service

If you don’t mind paying a monthly fee, a professional monitoring service such as TeenSafe provides a fairly simple solution for monitoring your child’s iPhone activities. There are also many monitoring apps such as Phone Sheriff, mSpy, and Mobile Spy but it’s good to use the free text message spy.

What No-Cost Monitoring Options Are Available?

While the professional services are convenient, there are some monitoring methods you can use that do not require any specific monitoring fees. However, there isn’t one single method to monitor everything like a professional service. You will need to monitor the various communication methods separately.

Monitoring SMS Text Messages

SMS text messages are handled by your cellular provider. You can monitor the phone numbers your child is texting by signing in to your account on your cellular provider’s website. When viewing your account, there should be a list of all the phone numbers for which your child has sent or received text messages. Since the actual content of the text message is not available online, you will not be able to read the message, but at least you can see the phone numbers on the text message spy.visit us here!

Monitoring iMessages

When it comes to monitoring iMessages, your options will vary based on whether your child has their own Apple ID or if they share your Apple ID.

Separate Apple IDs


Spy on TextIf your child as their own Apple ID and you know the password, you can access their iMessages. A simple way to monitor their account is by using an old non-activated iPhone, an iPad, iPod touch, or a Mac computer that is not currently used for your own iMessages.

Sign in to iMessage with the child’s Apple ID and password and keep the device somewhere in your home so it has a Wi-Fi connection to allow text message spy.see other news from

To conclude:

These days, it’s all too easy for teens to be swayed by the temptations of alcohol, drugs, illegal parties, and other dangerous activities. By visiting free text message spy you are doing more than putting your own mind at ease. You may very well be preventing your child from being arrested. In some case, you may even be saving your child’s life.

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