Top 10 apps to spy on text messages

For having peace of mind, many people find ways of how to spy on text messages of child or spouse. There are many apps available these days to spy on text messages which can help you out, but very few are steadfast. Both for iPhones and the Android phones, a long list of spy apps have been released in the past few years.

By these apps, you can do free text message spy as well as trace someone’s location. These apps have also got famous in tracking the criminals by keeping an eye on their text messages or calls.

Here we will introduce top ten apps which work as text message spy and should be on the top of list.

1. Spy Message

This app enables you to track any the confidential message. You can tune your text message to the setting where it gets deleted automatically without leaving a trace. Spy Message allows you to spy on text messages by a mechanism which is configured with the time frame and retreats the required text.

2. Secret agent Fake Call

This app works like a detector of fake calls as well as a free text message spy. Secret agent fake call keeps track of calls and provides the detailed information about the conversations and customized messages. You can even get a schedule of all the call history and message conversation.

3. Secret Agent

The app of a secret agent is designed in such a way that it has the entire toolbox that has many text message spy options and other features. It contains the sensor tool and message detectors like spy touch, camera filters, a compass, secret audio detector, message data sensor and much more.

4. Phone Tracer

For those people who are finding out the simpler ways to spy on text messages, this app is a great option. Especially if you run a business and want to keep track of your employees, this will work best. It uses GPRS to detect the location where certain messages are sent/received.

5. Sneaky Cam

This app is an answer of how to spy on text messages with the camera of your phone. It captures the images of a phone secretly thus, capturing the conversations images too.

6. Sure Point Spy

Another app through which you monitor the text message spy and retrieve the data from someone’s phone.

7. TrackMy Phones

This app provides the free text message spy as well as tracks the call logs and other data. It can help to find the lost phones too.

8. XN Spy

It is a useful way to spy on text messages and IM chats, which has a GPS locator.

9. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a reliable of tracking the data, especially in business. It provides the detailed information regarding any device.

10. iKey Monitor

The last app is very effective in tracking the text messages, call, IM chats and even websites. It provides the best solution of how to spy on text messages in a reliable way.

Try any of these apps for tracking the data and retrieving any information depending upon your requirements.

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